Message from Ambassador Ghislain D’hoop

“Dead reckoning will get us there”: it could be the motto of this extraordinary seagoing challenge. It can’t be done without tools: sextant, compass, chronometer, charts, computational aids. But we, GOST sympathisers, know that the real challenge is, as always, human: nothing can be achieved unless we work as a team towards a common goal, relying on our own ingenuity whilst respecting and needing the other’s talents. Trust, courage, commitment to the goal and the team, sheer hard work, but above all: the spirit of surpassing oneself in order to achieve greater things.
We wish you every success.
May the winds be fair, the weather clement, may the sea carry you safely to your destination. 
May the sun and stars guide you, may your sightings be reliable and your computations accurate. 

Ghislain D’hoop
Ambassador and Patron

Photo: Magazin of the Hamburg Business Club. Find out more about the Club here