The NAVIGATORS HERITAGE CHALLENGE was a 360 nautical mile OFFSHORE SAILING CHALLENGE where navigators are allowed to use only instruments invented before 1900.

IN REMEMBRANCE OF the unique explorer, seaman and statesman PRINCE ALBERT I of MONACO the challenge starts in Palma de Mallorca and ends in Monaco with the goal to raise awareness and sensitise civil society to the importance of our MARITIME ECOSYSTEM in relation to the United Nations USTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT GOALS.

What makes this challenge special is that it is open – by invitation – to all types of sailing yachts, but for the participating crews it is only allowed to use navigation technologies invented before 1900. While the navigators on board give their best to determine their position at sea as accurately as possible, the spectators worldwide can follow the yachts and their tactics live on the Internet thanks to modern GPS tracking devices.

H.S.H. Prince Albert II of Monaco and GOST Expedition Leader Jochen Werne laying a wreath in commemoration of Prince Albert I

Therefore, the result of this challenge at sea is not necessarily based on the best technological equipment, but, as in the times of the great explorers, on the CAPABILITIES of the NAVIGATOR and THE PRECISE CONTROL OF THE SHIP THROUGH ITS CREW.


By combining TRADITION and FUTURE in today’s hyper-connected world, the initiators of the challenge will bring together people and sailors from around the world, to remember peacefully not only the great seafarers and explorers of the world – who were the first to unite our nations and people around the globe – but also to raise awareness and sensitise civil society to the importance of our MARITIME ECOSOCYSTEM in relation to the UNITED NATIONS SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT GOALS.

With a wreath-laying ceremony at sea off Monaco on Tuesday, 2 July 2019 at 1700 CEST, the Challenger Yachts will commemorate the great merits of Prince Albert I, who symbolises all those who today work for our seas and international understanding.


The NAVIGATORS HERITAGE CHALLENGE begins on Saturday, 29 June 2019 at sunset (21:21 CEST). The latest arrival at the finishing line off Monaco is Tuesday 2 July 2019 at 15.00 hrs for the commemoration ceremony.


In times when many yacht crews rely exclusively on GPS navigation to find their way at sea, NAVIGATORS HERITAGE CHALLENGE aims to support the knowledge of the principles of navigation and their application in practice for the safety of yacht crews.

The participating yacht crews of the NAVIGATORS HERITAGE CHALLENGE use traditional navigation methods invented before 1900, e.g. magnetic compasses, all kinds of paper-based navigation charts, binoculars, nautical books, sextants, etc. While the technology had to be invented before 1900, the paper charts used had to be clearly state of the art and instruments such as the magnetic compass have to meet today’s standards and be suitable for safe navigation on yachts. Crews will not use electronic navigation support during the voyage, i.e. no GPS, no mobile phone, no plotter, no electronic compasses, no computer-assisted astronavigation support, no pocket calculators and no electronic log.

SAFETY FIRST: Each yacht must comply with all IMO regulations at all times and is fully responsible for this. In addition, the yachts have to have all the necessary safety precautions and modern navigation equipment on board. The equipment must be used in any unclear situation. VHF and satellite telephone must be switched on during the entire Challenge. Every yacht can ask for navigation assistance at the Race Committee Center. COLREG defines all rules for sailing the vessel in any condition.

Between Menorca and Monaco a virtual point ALPHA must be passed east. A lack of precise navigation already bears the risk that the crews will erroneously leave this point on starboard. In this case, the Race Commission will inform the yacht by SATCOM SMS of the mistake ten nautical miles after POINT ALPHA. Based on the information and the position transmitted, the crew can decide whether to circumnavigate POINT ALPHA again on the correct side or be excluded from the challenge.

Guido Zoeller & Jochen Werne – Co-Founders of the Global Offshore Sailing Team

A Skipper Briefing will take place on Saturday, 29 June at 1700 CEST. Details will be published later in the chapter SKIPPERs BRIEFING.


Further details will follow on this page. For specific questions please contact NavigatorsHeritage@gmail.com